Civil War coming to the Marvel film world?

With the announcement of Netflix producing four new original shows involving Marvel superheroes I couldn’t help but jump for joy.

After I came down from my nerd high. I figured I would comment a little bit, maybe theorize a little bit, and tell you why this news is very important for the Marvel film brand and its future.

If you haven’t heard the news, the four shows involve Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. There will be a minimum of 13 episodes of each show that will culminate in a miniseries called ‘The Defenders.’

So why is this important?

For one it is a stepping stone for two things. If successful, Netflix could order more shows for other characters and it provides a comparable product to what DC Comics is doing on their side of Hollywood.

DC’s ‘Arrow,’ based on one of their more fringe characters Green Arrow, is in its second season. They have been using the show to introduce some of the company’s other characters, with rumors of the Flash showing up this season.

It would appear DC is priming audiences for their much rumored Justice League of America movie.

Marvel must have seen this and decided the small screen would be the best way to introduce audiences to characters that might not warrant the big screen.

Which brings me to the big reason this announcement matters. Civil War. You mean the war between the north and south? No, I’m referring to one of the biggest crossovers in comics.

The event involved heroes being required to register their identities with the government. It pitted Captain America, and his rebels, against Iron Man, and his pro-registration side.

Now the four characters getting their own Netflix series were heavily involved in the Civil War storyline. This seems like a stepping stone to bring the Marvel event to the big screen.

This is all a theory and such an idea couldn’t happen until after ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ which is slated for 2015, the same year these shows are supposed to air on Netflix.

Here’s hopin’.


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